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Google my business is taking off for small local businesses

Updated: April 25 2021

Here are a few stats from our work over the past few months on a few local businesses.  This was strictly modifications to their website and to their Google My Business listing.

Here you will see they have activity of over 32,000 this business is a product and service based business located in Middletown, RI.  This past week, they have gained over 84 additional phone calls.   Let’s say they sold a profit of 30 dollars per phone call, they made an additional $2520 just in one week.  Not to shabby for a local business.

This next local business here in Newport, RI. This is more of a micro niche based business.  Very seasonal.  Let’s assume they closed the deal on those five phone calls and a couple website visitors. They would of brought in an additional $4500 for their business the past 28 days.  I personally know the owner and they did close the deals from the phone calls!!

Our last one we will talk about is another local business here in Middletown.  As you can see their website visitors were down which is perfectly fine!  Their phone calls were up which is more powerful than someone going to their website.  Next for them will be for them to modify their website so their SILO is correct and to target more areas for their service.


WOW! Is all we can say. We did a small little case study on how important Posts and Google My Business are to your local business.

As you can see below, there stats tell a different story. A lot were booming with traffic to their GMB listing and to their website.  With a little On-site Search Engine Optimization and off-site Optimization (Google My business Posts), they were able to gain a lot of website visitors to their site.  Several customers showed an increase of 100+% of traffic.  All images below are from the last quarter.

As you can see from the below photo. This customer received 1.64k actions on their listing.  The most impact were the phone calls since their website is just for information.

Don’t forget we did use the knowledge of the team at Newport Marketing.  They were used to create content for their GMB posts and best avenue to market these businesses.

566 Phone calls to their business over the last quarter. Not to shabby.

This customer has low actions because we just started optimizing their Google My Business listing.  BUT NONE the less, they are getting activity on their listing.

Here is another new customer.  Their listing went live about a month and half ago.  They are being found on Google.

WOW! Almost 30,000 searches on Google and your Google listing was displayed.


This one customer had an increase of 274% of their map views in google and over 100% on search views.

This customer had a low positive percentage, but still in the Green. You cannot get this type of activity by doing nothing. 17,500 views on their Map and Search Views from Google.

This customer had almost 200% increase in map views and close to 160% in search views. Not to shabby.

A nice photo of where customers view your business on Google.  Is it in the search or maps?


Another customer we just started working with recently.  Yes, people are finding their business.



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