Platinum SEO Package




Includes quarterly MOZ reports – After the reports are generated and sent off – all issues will be fixed by us. Google is changing their algorithms on a daily basis – something that isn’t an issue right now might be an issue next month. If that is the case we will ensure your website meets and exceeds google expectations.

All above plus Advertisement on Facebook through our partner channels and your Social Media pages. We will also do targeting and re-targeting to your website. This is great for local small businesses who would like to generate a lot more sales. The ads will be displayed through-out the year. If you search your competitor and you always see their ads? This is how they have a leg up on you. They are utilizing re-targeting. Most likely trying to use the rule of 7 for their customers. Advertisement is UPTO $600/year which includes social media advertisement and Google Adwords. if you are Builder X we will not take on Builder Y. This would be strictly a conflict of interest.


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