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As a small business owner in Rhode Island, I’ve always known that digital presence is the new storefront. But it wasn’t until I teamed up with Local SEO RI and their team that I truly understood the power of local search optimization. This team isn’t just about getting you on the digital map; they’re about putting you front and center where every search feels like it’s leading to your doorstep.

From the outset, Local SEO RI displayed unparalleled expertise that seemed to decode the language of search engines with the finesse of seasoned linguists. They started with an in-depth analysis of my business’s online footprint, a process as thorough as a masterclass in digital relevance. Every step was a revelation: from understanding the intricacies of Google My Business to the local keywords that act like beacons to nearby customers.

Their approach to on-page SEO was like fine-tuning a high-performance engine. The changes they implemented were both meticulous and transformative, enhancing not just my website’s visibility, but its usability and content richness. What stood out was their commitment to authenticity; every piece of content was carefully crafted to represent my brand’s voice while resonating with the local community.

But perhaps the most striking improvement was in the off-page SEO strategies. Local SEO RI’s adeptness at building local citations and managing reviews turned the daunting digital wilderness into a friendly neighborhood. Their tactics didn’t just elevate my business in local rankings; they constructed a digital reputation that feels like word-of-mouth in the 21st century.

The results? They speak volumes – literally. Since partnering with Local SEO RI, my business has seen a substantial increase in foot traffic to our food truck, calls, and online inquiries for our catering. Our local visibility has skyrocketed, and the analytics showcase consistent growth in our local search rankings. It’s like having a billboard on every digital highway in Rhode Island.

Beyond results, what truly sets Local SEO RI apart is their personalized service. In an industry often criticized for its one-size-fits-all solutions, they stand as a bespoke tailor of SEO strategies. Their team is accessible, engaged, and genuinely invested in not just meeting but exceeding your expectations.

In a landscape where nearly every local business is vying for attention, Local SEO RI doesn’t just level the playing field – they transform it into a launchpad for your brand’s local dominance. They are more than just an SEO company; they are the strategic partner every Rhode Island business needs to thrive in the digital age.

If you’re ready to see your business become a local legend, there’s no team I’d trust more than Local SEO RI. They don’t just lead you to the digital horizon; they are the compass that guides you to unparalleled local success.

Arthur Evans – South County Barbeque

My business usually starts around May of every year for fishing charters. I tend to receive minimal phone calls to start the booking process for the year and decided to invest in LOCAL SEO RI which is small business in Portsmouth RI. For the 2019 season, I booked a total of 59 charters estimated to be over mid $XX,000.

This year, after talking with team at Local SEO RI and working directly with them my bookings have increased 100%. Here is a breakdown of how this increase in traffic has doubled my business.

  • My rankings on Google went from #18 to #2 and #3 depending on the week
  • Phone calls have increased from one or two calls a day to over 15 calls a day (some days I cannot keep up)
  • Emails have been steady every day with clients looking to book charters.
  • This year I have had 17,000 views on my webpage, Have been in 13,000 searches and my activity is over 48,000 to date.
  • I am actually booking two months out now instead of weekly.
  • This year as of Aug 27th I have booked over 120 charters and my season still have another 3 months.

If you are looking to increase your business, I highly recommend talking with Frank and setting up a game plan on how you want to operate your business. Frank will listen to what you would like, then tweak your ideas on the best way to make your company profitable and to be found on the search engines.


Captain Mike Littlefield
ArchAngel Charters

I can’t thank Frank and his team enough for bringing much needed light to my business. Before I overhauled my SEO tools with Frank, my business was really struggling. Last summer season I had only 19 bookings. I’ve almost surpassed that number already, and am in position to more than double it by seasons end. This equates to an increased profit margin of about 15-20k. Mind you, this is amidst a global pandemic! With Franks help, I’m confident my sales will continue to climb!

– Connor

Local SEO RI was awesome to work with! I worked with Frank to help me sort out problems I was having with ranking locally for my small business. He hit it out of the park. Right out of the gate he sent me reports and recommendations I could use, then assisted me with setting myself up with tools I could use to monitor my website. All of his recommendations have been clear and I can see the impact they are having. He’s been super professional and very responsive to my questions. I am so happy that I went him and offer my highest recommendations that you do as well!

Matt The Balloon Man CT

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I attended the local SEO seminar 3 years ago to increase traffic to my two business's. After listening and taking notes , I went home and started to apply the changes needed to attract more customers. After the first year, my traffic increased over 600% . I was booked all summer and turned down over 40 charters because of being booked. Thank you Frank for showing me the way !

ArchAngel Charters Avatar ArchAngel Charters
December 26, 2020

Great start on working with Frank. Really looking forward to the results of our project. Answered all my questions and got us moving in the right direction from the start.

Jay Cianciolo Avatar Jay Cianciolo
December 26, 2020

The team at local seo RI did a great job getting my company into the tech age. I’m a novice in this department and they made the process very simple. I’m already seeing results on google! Very glad I used them.

Connor Macleod Avatar Connor Macleod
December 26, 2020
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