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Web Design

web design

Web Design (also called page design) is the skill of creating a website and a webpage.

This involves a plethora of skills, programming languages,  code development, and even content creation. A lot of successful aspects of web design include cascading style sheets, Javascript, social media, web page structure and layouts, graphic designs, color combinations, HTML, and HTML5.

Is It Hard?

Web design skills are in greater demand today than ever before and to be really honest, learning and executing web designs can be really hard or even formidable for newbies and professionals alike.

Some of the questions I get to hear most of the time when I hold discussions with people about it include; what are the essential parts of web design? How do I put together good structures and frameworks? Which skills should I master first? How do I separate desktop design from mobile design?

Here are some key takeaways I’ve put together that could help your web design journey.

  1. Whenever you need to design a web, ensure that the design fulfills its intended function by conveying its intended message while also keeping the visitor engaged. 
  2. For it to be effective, you need both great design and great content. Beautiful websites attract visitors,  great contents keep them coming back.
  3.  Ensure that your design is properly structured and organized. One of the layouts I love to use is the Grid layout.  This layout keeps your website aesthetically clean and organized.
  4. Make sure your site is easy to navigate. This is very important especially for new visitors.
  1. It is equally important for your website to be mobile-friendly.  A lot of people use their mobile phones nowadays. If your website is not easy to access from a mobile phone, it becomes a discouragement for visitors.
  2. Define your proportions. Web designs with defined proportions are usually believed to be more interesting and aesthetically pleasing.  
  3. When designing,  be straight to the point. Designing is not just a mixture of color palettes and fonts, it’s also a means of passing information.

What Are The Needed Skills?

Like the cliche, “you don’t make magic happen, you learn to make magic happen”. The same applies to web design. The world of web design is a world of skill sets. You need to know-how to a certain extent to be able to design – even though not professionally.

Some of these skills are :

  1. Knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation.
  2. Analytical Skills.
  3. Ability to pay attention to details.
  4. Effective Communication Skills.
  5. Creativity and Technical Skills.

How Important  Is Web Design?

Web design is very important. It is like your customer service representative and a good design surely represents you better. 

If your website has wonderful, modern, and inviting designs, visitors feel very welcomed when visiting your web page. This is very important especially for online business. Imagine your designs as a physical representation of you, if someone walked up to you, how would you want the person to feel?

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