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What are foundation links

Foundation Links

The purpose of any SEO strategy is to create online visibility by ranking on search engines and have organic traffic. However, several requirements must be satisfied before you can get ahead of the competition.

Content, keywords, and back-links are the backbone of any SEO strategy. Given that you have the content and keywords you wish to rank for, you need high-quality SEO foundation links to start your campaign on the right footing.


What Are Foundation Links?

Foundation links are the set of backlinks that are fundamental to all linking efforts. They are the framework on which your backlinking strategy can safely rely on without being frowned at by the search engine algorithms.

SEO foundation links provide substantial support for your SEO strategy in driving organic traffic to your website. These links do not change and are not vulnerable to the adverse effects of changes in the search engines’ algorithms and the unstable impacts of social media platforms.

Due to linking to established and authority sources, SEO foundation links have search engine credibility that is pivotal to high rankings and visibility. Foundation links would help your site to get more links from several other sources. The best way to have SEO foundation links for your site is to create Google My Business page, add your website to online business directory listings, add Craigslist or Gumtree ads, submit press releases, comment on blogs and forums, etc.

Starting massive back-links from guest posting, PBNs, and blog comments could get your website penalized quickly by Google for building such links within a short time. It would be considered as a ploy to trick and manipulate search engine bots to rank the website.


How Does Your Site Benefit from Foundation Links?

Establishing solid SEO foundation links for your website will benefit you and your website immensely. Here are some benefits you need to know.

  1. It causes your site to be favored by the search engines, and avoid a penalty.
  2. It is an essential strategy that determines the success of your overall back-linking efforts.
  3. It helps your website to retain its ranking regardless of changes in algorithms or social media behavior.
  4. It enables your site to maximize online visibility and experience massive organic traffic.
  5. It gives your website street credibility as well as searching engine relevance.
  6. SEO foundation links do not split or get dug up – they are permanent and reliable links.


How to Obtain Foundation Links

Obtaining SEO foundation links for your site is not as difficult as it seems. Submit your site to online directories such as the Best of the Web, Yellow Pages, Craigslist, GoGuides, Yahoo! Directory Listing, Wikipedia, etc. Find more sites you can build foundation links with on Google Directory.



Whether your website is new or old, you must build SEO foundation links to make your backlinking efforts successful. Start and follow through with the guidelines provided in this post, and your site will be better for it.

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